Sweet Kombu

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Frilly, kombu-like sea vegetable (Hedophullum sessile), with a delicious smoky flavor and sweet taste. Use in soups and stews, especially suitable for Aduki, Squash and other bean dishes. Nice with baked beans. Abundant in minerals and saccharides (the source of its sweetness).

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company harvests sea vegetables by hand in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. Each frond is then laid out to be turned every hour until dry. Everything is left unrinsed to let the salt-water minerals act as a natural preservative.

Care: To preserve seaweed for a year or more, store in a sealed container. 


sweet kombu (hedophullum sessile)


For the past quarter century, we have been harvesting sea vegetables by hand from the Mendocino Coast in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. We sun-dry this superfood seaweed in order to preserve all of its nutrients.
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