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The tender first growth fronds of the Sea Palm, Silky Sea Palms (Postelsia palmaeformis juvenalia) are versatile, mild and succulent. Unique to our Pacific Coast, growing like a miniature palm forest on the tidal rocks. High in trace minerals and valuable marine saccharides. “Sea palm” is a rare vegetable, unique to the West Coast of North America. This miniature marine palm tree withstands the pounding surf, growing in dense “forests” on the outer shoreline.

Ocean Harvest Sea Palm is harvested in the pristine waters off the coast of Mendocino. The sea palm “fronds” are carefully picked by hand so that their reproductive cycle remains uninterrupted. The fronds are then carried up the steep, rocky slopes and brought inland, where they are sun-dried in the pure mountain air of the California Redwoods. The fronds are turned every hour to ensure complete drying.

Ocean Harvest Sea Palm comes to you in its original state, with all the salt-water minerals and trace elements intact to preserve the holistic nutritional value and assure the preservation of the delicate fronds. You may choose to quickly rinse Postelsia palmaeformis before cooking to remove some of the minerals, or accordingly, to lower the volume of other salty seasonings in your dish to compensate for the sea palm.

Sea palm has become our most popular West Coast sea vegetable, both for its culinary versatility and its sweet taste. You can use it in all styles of macrobiotic cuisine: soups, salads and sautés—but finding new uses for sea palm is one of the most delightful aspects of cooking with it! A great deli-chef favorite, Sea Palm fronds are delicious in vegetable sautés, casseroles, salads, beans, pickled, or in crispy toasted condiments or snacks.

Care: To preserve seaweed for a year or more, store in a sealed container. 


silky sea palms (postelsia palmaeformis juvenalia)


For the past quarter century, we have been harvesting sea vegetables by hand from the Mendocino Coast in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. We sun-dry this superfood seaweed in order to preserve all of its nutrients.
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