Pacific Coast Wakame

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Very tender green leaves with a delicate texture and flavor. Traditionally used in miso soup; also salads and stews. A kitchen staple for the food-conscious. Alaria marginata is a brown algae of the kelp family (Phylum Phaeophyta) and resembles the Japanese “Wakame”. Although nutrients vary between the two, the uses are interchangeable. Prepared in soups, vegetable dishes and salads, Alaria offers a high source of iodine and vitamins B6 and K. Vitamins B2, C and minerals cobalt, radium and other trace elements make Alaria a valuable daily dietary component.

Ocean Harvest Alaria is harvested off the Mendocino Coast, where the California Current and the tidal upwelling so enriches the marine flora that only a few other areas in the world can rival the richness and diversity of this bountiful aquatic garden. The eight to fifteen-foot Alaria fronds resemble long scarves that dance in the strong swirling currents and lie strewn across the rocks at low tide. Each frond is trimmed so as to preserve the reproductive sporophylls to ensure regrowth. The fronds are then brought inland to the hills of the California Redwoods and individually hung to be sun-dried.

Very tender green leaves of Pacific Wakame, carefully harvested from the early new growth, are delicate in texture and flavor and super rich in minerals and valuable marine saccharides. Traditionally used in miso soup; it is also phenomenal in salads and stews.

High content of potassium and iodine, and other nutrients including vitamin C, trace elements and minerals.

Care: To preserve seaweed for a year or more, store in a sealed container.


wakame (alaria marginata)


For the past quarter century, we have been harvesting sea vegetables by hand from the Mendocino Coast in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. We sun-dry this superfood seaweed in order to preserve all of its nutrients.
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