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Nutrient-rich, quick-cooking, pasta thin ribbon. This sea vegetable (Lessionopsis littoralis) grows on the outermost reaches of the rocky intertidal zone among neighboring sea palm and mussel beds. This perennial marine alga resembles a glistening Bonsai Willow tree overhanging the water at low tide. As many as 500 blades branch off the woody trunk-like stipe of the older Lessionopsis plants, sweeping the rock face clear of most other organisms in the thrashing of the tidal surge.

Ocean Ribbons are a brown alga and resemble a delicate thin-bladed Kombu. However, they are sweeter than most varieties of Kombu and more closely akin to Wakame for their quick-cooking palatability. Like most of the Kelp family, they are rich sources of carbohydrates and trace minerals.

Once you try this beautiful sea vegetable in Nishime or soup-style cuisine, you may become a devotee of Ocean Ribbons! It is also delicious in sautes, soups, beans or pickled in tamari and citrus.

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company harvests sea vegetables by hand in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. Each frond is then laid out to be turned every hour until dry. Everything is left unrinsed to let the salt-water minerals act as a natural preservative.

Care: To preserve seaweed for a year or more, store in a sealed container.


ocean ribbons (lessionopsis littoralis)


For the past quarter century, we have been harvesting sea vegetables by hand from the Mendocino Coast in an ecologically sound and sustainable way. We sun-dry this superfood seaweed in order to preserve all of its nutrients.
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